Thursday, 10 September 2009

Caffeine isn’t a drug, it’s a vitamin!!

Coffee as a status-identifier; )

Amongst the hi-techists and bourgeoisie in Israel, for those who enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, a sophisticated coffee-machine comes in handy. People started to really become interested in coffee, have they realized the advantages of coffeine? Surely, they have a long time ago..

Culture in a cup has become a new facon in people's homes. The morning Espresso had to be strong and freshly grounded. And there it is, a machine that does it all with a minimum of effort, just press :"Espresso", put your cup, wait 10 seconds.. "Your espresso is ready!"

As seen with all technological advanced gadgets, they all become accessible to the large masses and the different layers in a fraction of an instant, so, here we are; coffee-machines too are becoming a new trend in common people's homes.

Just because coffee does what my alarm clock does half-way..;)

Good Morning! ;)

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