Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Review on Tazza d'Oro Blanco

Tazza D'oro Blanco
Coffee Express Israel - Tazza d'Oro Blanco
Tazza de Oro blends of thick coffee rich of aroma coming from African, Asiatic and South American plantations.
Tazza de Oro is a highly ranked brand,for its selection and price, this we already know.
The 1 Kg bags lay on the top-shelves in the Shop, in the shop where I  go Coffee- Shopping once a month to get myself some "fresh" coffee. Those bags are on the top-shelves lurking at me, you can't have me, I 'm too expensive...
Since it costs a little bit more, I prefer not to buy them.
When I go I take a look at it, and usually go home with a different brand.
This time i said "It will be mine!" :)
just HAD to find out why the price is so high, and I think I did.
Verdict: Tazza d'Oro brand stands behind its word!
Well, Tazza d'Oro Blanco Horeca is a real DELICE!!

I highly recommend to try it out, its a quality product, and has a dominant strong  body and taste. this coffee is great for an Espresso, i guess rather with an espresso machine.. they are sold in the form of beans.