Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Alex Duetto III - the Italian Espresso machine has arrived to the Israeli Market!!

I will review the Alex Duetto III as soon I get it  and have had a couple of espresso cups from it, I can't wait to share my experience.
All the reviews from abroad are solid and positive..

Monday, 1 October 2012

Saeco Syntia, as beautiful as user-friendly! My coffee gets better all the time..

Syntia Saeco - Automatic Synthia cappuccino by Philips, perfect for me, qua performance and design!! We all love it!!
Saeco Syntia, a perfect bargain! - Espresso for the husband, latte for the wife, everybody happy..
the best cup of freshly ground coffee we've made so far!the best coffee machine we've had so far

Saeco instructions
Instructions : 1. pour fresh  coffee beans in the top container
2. pour water in the tank
3. put your glass
4. push the button
It's ready :Drink & Enjoy !!!1

Friday, 13 April 2012

Premio Coffee

Bossa Caffe Boutique - PREMIO (blue pack) = GREAT coffee indeed!
Went to pick up some coffee at Coffee Express in TA.
Seems like a the "fresh" roast has become a new trend and apparently makes a Huge difference for the taste and smell of the beans. I absolutely wanted to try it out to find out.
Really glad I did that. Its a keeper!

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Review on Tazza d'Oro Blanco

Tazza D'oro Blanco
Coffee Express Israel - Tazza d'Oro Blanco
Tazza de Oro blends of thick coffee rich of aroma coming from African, Asiatic and South American plantations.
Tazza de Oro is a highly ranked brand,for its selection and price, this we already know.
The 1 Kg bags lay on the top-shelves in the Shop, in the shop where I  go Coffee- Shopping once a month to get myself some "fresh" coffee. Those bags are on the top-shelves lurking at me, you can't have me, I 'm too expensive...
Since it costs a little bit more, I prefer not to buy them.
When I go I take a look at it, and usually go home with a different brand.
This time i said "It will be mine!" :)
just HAD to find out why the price is so high, and I think I did.
Verdict: Tazza d'Oro brand stands behind its word!
Well, Tazza d'Oro Blanco Horeca is a real DELICE!!

I highly recommend to try it out, its a quality product, and has a dominant strong  body and taste. this coffee is great for an Espresso, i guess rather with an espresso machine.. they are sold in the form of beans.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Ascaso Dream vs. Francis Francis - Espresso Retro Design

We were hesitant about which coffee/espresso machine to purchase to fit into our redecorated home. The final decision had to be between: Ascaso Dream for ground coffee or pods preparation in a nice Red color; OR the Francis Francis x7 model for capsules only. Both designs are appealing - Retro style, which we definitely digg! Took us time to understand what the difference is between pods and capsules , we researched what type of coffee we'd get out of them. I like strong espresso with loads of good crema and a bitter after-taste in my mouth.

The final decision has been made, we went with the Ascaso Dream. For various reasons: Ascaso Dream is versatile; meaning that it can be used either with pods from all E.S.E (easy serving espresso) label, OR with (freshly) ground coffee. Its also quite simple to use and the Dream will not rust thanks to the aluminum body.
To ground the coffee-beans we also purchased the assorted I-mini grinder with conical burr.

So, here we are now, enjoying the design and some GREAT coffee with he Ascaso Dream, drinking the coffee we got for free with the purchase, some boutique coffee called Bossa Coffee Boutique - PREMIO, with a blue packaging, its really great coffee, and smells delicious as well!

We purchased our Espresso Machine at Coffee-Express Israel, the seller was very helpful with his explanation of how it all works in the coffee industry, and we got some tasty coffee beans with the machine.. All in all we were very pleased with the service:

For a coupon on this specific item "Ascaso Dream":

That's it for today, CIAO!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Love Segafredo Buono coffee

For some reason when i took it of the shelve in the shop, i didn't have special expectations..
I just wanted to make a change in my habbits of coffee-drinking.
It is only when I took a sip of my cup of espresso that i enjoyed it soo very much.
It's like when you go to a movie without knowing much about it, and expecting very little of it, that the surprise of it being a GOOD movie, receives its effect; in other words: WOW!
So we're talking about Buono from Segafredo. Its a bit sweet (i've always been a sweet-tooth) and its delicious!
It also gave me a pleasant coffeine effect for the wake-up.
So yes, i do recommend it, it became my new favorite, since I like the fact that i can change my coffee choice once in a while, it might change, although it is definitely a keeper, very defenitely!

I bought it at Coffee Express Israel,
Segafredo Espresso Buono

Please if anyone tries it and wants to discuss the taste with me, be my guest and post me a note.