Saturday, 11 June 2011

Ascaso Dream vs. Francis Francis - Espresso Retro Design

We were hesitant about which coffee/espresso machine to purchase to fit into our redecorated home. The final decision had to be between: Ascaso Dream for ground coffee or pods preparation in a nice Red color; OR the Francis Francis x7 model for capsules only. Both designs are appealing - Retro style, which we definitely digg! Took us time to understand what the difference is between pods and capsules , we researched what type of coffee we'd get out of them. I like strong espresso with loads of good crema and a bitter after-taste in my mouth.

The final decision has been made, we went with the Ascaso Dream. For various reasons: Ascaso Dream is versatile; meaning that it can be used either with pods from all E.S.E (easy serving espresso) label, OR with (freshly) ground coffee. Its also quite simple to use and the Dream will not rust thanks to the aluminum body.
To ground the coffee-beans we also purchased the assorted I-mini grinder with conical burr.

So, here we are now, enjoying the design and some GREAT coffee with he Ascaso Dream, drinking the coffee we got for free with the purchase, some boutique coffee called Bossa Coffee Boutique - PREMIO, with a blue packaging, its really great coffee, and smells delicious as well!

We purchased our Espresso Machine at Coffee-Express Israel, the seller was very helpful with his explanation of how it all works in the coffee industry, and we got some tasty coffee beans with the machine.. All in all we were very pleased with the service:

For a coupon on this specific item "Ascaso Dream":

That's it for today, CIAO!